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Dolly Emergency Tire Sealant “No Latex”

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Dolly is an emergency tire sealant for quick and easy repairs. It installs right through the valve stem and is non-toxic, latex free, biodegradable, and washes away with just water.

Seals up to 1/4" inch injuries in the tread area using Nano Interlock Sealing Technology. Can be used on cars, trucks, motorhomes, ATVs, motorcycles, utility trailers, and scooters. No jack required!

Get back on the road in 4 easy steps

Using Dolly for emergency repairs is simple:

  1. If possible, rotate tire so valve stem is in top half of tire.
  2. Remove valve stem's core by inserting supplied tool into the valve stem and turning counter-clockwise. Allow tire to fully deflate.
  3. Cut 1/4" off tip of bottle and slide one end of clear tube over cut cap. Connect other end to valve stem and squeeze bottle until recommended amount is installed (see chart).
  4. Remove tube and re-insert valve stem's core by tightening clockwise with tool. Inflate tire and immediately spin or drive to distribute Dolly and seal the puncture.

Won't damage tires or wheels 

Dolly's Nano Interlock Sealing Technology is made of advanced non-toxic chemicals, superior rust inhibitors and biodegradable fibers. It won't damage wheels or rims, and is TPMS safe.

Use Dolly safely

While Dolly does not have to removed like other emergency sealants, to ensure overall safety, it's always a good idea to have a tire inspected by a qualified tire professional as soon as possible after puncture occurs.

Dolly will not seal sidewall punctures and should not be used with faulty valves or damaged rims. Eye protection must be worn during installation.

How to install sealant

Use the correct amount of sealant for your application. Refer to the Stallion guide for recommendations. (PDF)


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