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Sahara High Speed Tire Sealant - 5 gallon

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Stallion Sahara Sealant repairs punctures up to 1/2" in diameter in a huge variety of wheeled vehicles - including trucks, bus, trailers, loaders, lawn and garden equipment, forklifts, cranes, and more. Simply inject Sahara Sealant right through the schrader valve - Sahara is compatible with TPMS (tire pressure management systems)* 

  • Repairs punctures up to 1/2" in diameter
  • Environmentally-sensitive, biodegradable formula
  • Sahara High Speed balances the tires up to 125 MPH
  • 5 gallon pail

In addition to puncture repair, Sahara stops bead, rim, O-ring, and vent leaks as well as the normal air loss we experience every month. By maintaining consistent air pressure, tires last longer and fuel economy improves.

Repairs punctures up to 1/2"

Fixes punctures up to 1/2" in diameter on-the-fly when installed as a preventative. Can also be used for repairing punctured tires, simply install the sealant and inflate as normal.

Extra protection for tire casings

Stallion Sahara protects the tire casing from heat, UV, and oxidation damage, as well as lowering operating temperature thus extending lifespan and durability. Sahara improves fuel mileage by maintaining consistent air pressure.

ARDL tested and accreditted

Stallion is the only tire casing product tested and approved by the ARDL, one of the most recognized labs in the world for the testing of tires and rubber.

Biodegradable and non-toxic

Stallion Sealant cleans up easily with water in case of a spill. The environmentally-sensitive formula uses non-toxic, biodegradable ingredients.

Works in a wide range of temperatures

Sahara Sealant won't freeze, even in extreme temperatures. It's rated for temperatures between -58°F to 370°F (-50°C to 188°C).

Works with compressed air and nitrogen

Compatible with standard compressed air as well as nitrogen, providing you with flexibility in re-inflation options.

* Disclaimer

Some TPMS valves do not have an air channel that allows Sahara to flow through the valve stem. In those cases, break the tire bead away from the rim and pour into the gap, then reinflate.  


How to install sealant

Use the correct amount of sealant for your application. Refer to the Stallion guide for recommendations. (PDF)


You may return any unopened sealant from for a full refund of your purchase price, less shipping charges. More info.


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